Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2013 Cycling Season

Over the next couple of days I will be updating my blog to talk about a few items in preparation for the 2013 Race Season.  This year I want to use the blog to accomplish a couple of objectives.

First, accountability   Yes, accountability.  If I am laying out every aspect of the season, then I have to execute.  There is a great story that Chris Carmichael tells about when LA was coming back from cancer.  The way Chris tells it, LA whispered something.  Chris leans forward and says, "What?".  LA repeats, "I want to win the Tour de France".  Chris replies in a loud voice, "You want to win the Tour?", LA immediate hushes him as if this is some big secret.  Chris later uses this as a learning point, you have to setup your objectives and be accountable to others.  Tell them what you are going to do.  So this will be my way of doing that.  Here goes:  "I will podium in 2013."

Second, I have tons of tools that I us to map my season, WKO+, TrainingPeaks, etc. I really have never "journalled" a race season, I have for many other items, but never cycling.  So this will be my Journal, warts and all.

Upcoming Blog Entries

  • 2012 Year in Review
  • 2013 Race Calendar
  • My Objectives and How I am going to get there
  • Nutrition
  • Efficiency
  • Team
  • BTC
  • KyleCoaching