Friday, January 27, 2012

2012 Road Race Season

The 2012 Cycling Season is well on its way, at least training wise.  After rethinking the first sentence I guess I should clarify and state that the calendar is moving right along, training, let’s just say that it has had it bumps and bruises.

December 16th, while descending (a set of stairs), I had the sock incident of 2011.  I swear there was no alcohol involved, but was heading down the stairs to close the door to go out and get some chow.  I foot, covered with a sock, slightly too far forward over the stair and I found myself airborne and crashing.  Knocked the wind out of my and hurt like the dickens.   I decided to abandon Sundays ride to recoup.  The ribs SEEMED okay, then came Monday.  I was getting ready for work, felt a sneeze coming on, sneezed heard (and felt) a pop in my back then proceeded to lie on the floor for 45 minutes.  I guess the fall had fractured a rib and the sneeze just finished the job.   So for the last 4 weeks I have been training through 2 broken ribs.  Really as not affected the trainer time, but strength workouts have been on the back shelf.

Training has gone pretty well so far since developing my early season plan.  My first “A” race is Jefferson Cup on the first of April.  Before that I have two races in Tampa Florida, 11/12 February.  I have been able to get about 12-15 hours a week in on the CompuTrainer and have slowly built my LT with a ton of sweet spot training sessions.  I am working through my collection of 1980s movies with an addition of the Tour Down Under last week.  All of this is to prepare for my two training camps in February.

First training camp will be with the US Military Cycling Team from February 5th to the 12th in Tampa.  Should be pretty exciting.  The week will culminate with some racing.  My early season goal is to podium at Jeff Cup and get accumulate enough points by May to upgrade to 3.  So lots of early season crits for me.

Second training camp is going to be in Traveler’s Rest South Carolina from the 22nd to the 26th of February.  Lots of climbing Paris Mountain and Caesar’s Head. 

Next update will be from Tampa Florida.