Thursday, May 24, 2012

Base miles for Cross Season

Well this season has basically blown or sucked depending on your preference of terms.  The first glitch was knee pain while down in Florida in early spring training with the team.  The positive outcome was Paul with Freshbikes and hours of bike fitting consultation, figured it out.  Combination of saddle height, offset, and cleat placement, oh don't forget a genetic leg length discrepancy and slight bend of the spine to add a little extra fun to the fit.
The next faux pas was falling down a flight of steps, adding a few broke ribs, then the accident down in Virginia Beach.  Positive thing about Virginia Beach is I know that there is nothing that I could've done, was in the front of the peloton and got taken out by an overzealous rider diving the corner.  I walked away from that wreck with a little road rash, added another broke rib, trashed shifter and blown tubular.

Now the latest accident, Carl Dolan.  No idea what happened there.  I mean no memory either.  But the accident did leave its bruises.  Two temporary pins in the thumb due to a Bennett's Fracture, AC Joint Strain, more broke ribs, and ton of road rash... and destroyed Cannondale frame, another broke shifter, skinsuit in two pieces, and destroyed Lazer Helmet.  Now I sit 45 days after the wreck and have a total of about 10 hours total on the bike (4 in the last week).  Freshbikes did help get the bike replaced, campy groupset is now replaced with SRAM Red.  My fitness has tanked, time on the bike is painful.  I finally got the pins taken out of the hand (Monday) and start occupational therapy today, and I have a perpetual thumbs-up until I get movement back.  The AC Strain requires physical therapy but do not start that until the 6th.  Diagnosis is that is a 5 month process, but will not keep me off the bike.  The slight silver lining, if there was one, is that after 45 days of getting my blood pressure checked, they determined that I need to be on blood pressure medicine.  So that started yesterday.  I went with an ACE inhibitor that should not screw with my VO2 max like others can.
I look at my trainingpeaks calendar of races that I had planned to do and they are ticking by fast, Wilmington GP, Tour of Somersville, WV McDonald's Criterium, Air Force Classic, all a wash for this year.  Looks like I might be able to do a few time trials, but other than that, nothing but base miles for Cross.