Sunday, January 30, 2011

2011 Season is off to a Start

So I will start this one like I have done before... “been away for awhile but still have been riding”. I need to sit down and do some reflection on 2010 but for now 2011 is ready to start. I took the majority of December off an began building my plan for 2011. First off I selected a few “A” races and then a couple of good showing races, then the ones that I will be at for the purposes of flat out fun.

My “A” races this year will be Tour of Washington County and Nationals (crit and RR) in Bend, Oregon. For Cross Season this year, I am really excited about Worlds being in Louisville KY so that is going to be another goal.

So far this season, I have logged a ton of trainer / computrainer miles and few great rides out in Catlett VA. Racing buddy pointed out a great 50 mile loop, so i have been heading out there ion Sundays to ride. I figure this year I would follow the advice about “ride in a group, train alone”. Still looking around to find a few late winter / early spring camps. So afar I figure that I will head to South Carolina to do the Base Training Camp (Feb 24- 1 Mar), then follow it up with Veloworks in Austin, and then something out at Lost Barn / Raw Talent Ranch. I was hoping the team would be doing something this spring but it has been pretty quite on the home front.

Over the winter I have spent a ton of time working on continuing my coaching education and have signed on with Veloworks as a coach. I thought about heading down to Atlanta next week to get my Level 2 certification class out of the way, but with trying to go to several camps, finances start getting in the way. I will look to complete that one in the fall.

So that is where we stand today. First race is the 20th of Mar at Vint Hill, so we are looking at about 49 days and then the first big Road Race a week later. Last year i did fairly well at Jefferson Cup and would like to step it up and score a top fifteen.

Next update will be a followup review on the Book Racing Weight, Product - Saris Joule, and soon a Product review on RacerMates new software RacerMate One.